Ruprecht-Karls-Universitšt Heidelberg

Current projects

DFG-Schwerpunkt 1147 ``Imaging Measuring Techniques in Flow Analysis'' Project ``Spatio-temporal Image Analysis for Flow Measurements'' (Ja395/11, 6/2003-5/2009)
DFG Graduate College 1114: Optical Measuring Techniques to Characterize Transport Processes at Boundaries (4/2005-9/2009)
DFG: Impact of Wind, Rain, and Surface Slicks on Air-Sea CO2 Transfer Velocity (Ja395/12, 4/2005-3/2008)
BMBF: Lynkeus, Project Dynamical 3-D Image Analysis (6/2006-5/2009)
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics: Application of Dual-band and Dual-color Infrared Cameras for Climate Research (2007-2008)
BMBF: SOPRAN, Project 4.1 Physically-based Parameterization of Air-Water Gas Exchange by combined Laboratory and Field Experiments (2/2007-1/2010)
BMBF: Fluoreszenz-Lifetime-Imaging-Camera (FLI-CAM), Project: Optimization, Calibration, Validation and Image Analysis (3/2007-2/2010)
Sony Europe: Computational Photography (3/2008-2/2010)

Past Projects


DFG-Schwerpunkt 1114 ``Mathematical methods for time series analysis and digital image processing'', Project ``Nonlinear analysis of multi-dimensional signals: LOcal adaptive estimation of COmplex MOTion and ORientation patterns (LOCOMOTOR)'' (Ja395/ 2002-2008)
DFG Ja395/11-2: Air-Water Gas Transfer (4/2005-12/2007)
BMWA: SmartVision: 3-D Perception with Smart-Pixel Sensor (1/2006-3/2008)
DFG-Research Unit "Image Sequence Analysis to Investigate Dynamic Processes" (FOR 240, 12/1995-11/2002)


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