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Spatio-temporal Image Analysis for Flow Measurements

Image Measurements in Fluid Mechanics
Daniel Kondermann, Markus Jehle, Christoph S. Garbe and Bernd Jähne
together with
Ulrich Kertzscher, Biofluidmechanics Lab, Charité Berlin and Volker Beushausen, Combustion & Flow-Diagnostic, Laserlaboratorium Göttingen
Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Ja395/11
Funding Period: 6/2003-5/2009



This project is funded by the German Sciences Foundation (DFG) within the priority programme SPP1147, Bildgebende Messverfahren für die Strömungsanalyse.



Using an integrative concept based on optical flow and augmented by flexible regularization and modeling techniques new methods for fluid flow analysis are developed. The long-term goal of this project is to understand the dynamic and volumetric struncture of flow fields. In close collaboration with the biolfluidmechanics lab, Charité Berlin, and the laser lab in Göttingen following subtasks are tackled: (i) depth-resolved measurement of shear flows close to solid walls and free surfaces in high spatial and temporal resolution in combination with a direct estimation of shear stresses, and (ii) determination of flow fields, wall shear stresses and air fuel ratios from concentration fields considering high diffusivity in micro-scale flows and in the infrared-thermography.

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