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HCI Workshop: Time of Flight Imaging

Workshop: Time of Flight Imaging (20.09.2010)

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This workshop is organized in conjunction with the start of the joint IVCI and HCI project "Algorithms for Low Cost Depth Imaging". Aim of this meeting is to trigger the dialog between ToF hardware experts and depth imaging users in computer vision and image processing.


The workshop participance is free of charge, but a pre-registration is mandatory.
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Final Program :

Workshop languages are English and German

11.00h Welcome/Introduction
11.15 Thorsten Ringbeck PMD Technologies Applications and Future Trends of 3D Imaging
11.45 Mirko Schmidt HCI A Physical Model of Time-of-Flight 3D Imaging Systems
12.15 Bernd Jähne HCI Standardized Characterization of ToF Systems - towards an EMVA standard
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Michael Erz HCI Radiometric, spectrometric, and range calibrations of TOF cameras
14.00 Christian Theobalt MPI Saarbrücken / IVCI ToF Systeme in der Computer Graphik
14.30 Erhardt Barth Uni Lübeck ToF cameras for gesture-based interaction
15.00 Coffee Break
15.15 Joachim Hornegger Uni Erlangen Time-of-Flight Imaging in Medical Engineering
15.45 Reinhard Koch Uni Kiel Einsatz von ToF-Kameras für 3D-TV und Augmented Reality
16.15 Janis Fehr HCI / IVCI Robust Features for Depth Imaging
16.35 Coffee Break
16.50 Daniel Kondermann HCI / IVCI Benchmarking of Depth Algorithms
17.10 Frank Lenzen HCI / IVCI Total Variation Methods for Depth Imaging
17.30 Christoph Garbe IPM / IVCI Concurrent data enhancement and accurate estimation of range flow from Time-of-Flight data
Roundtable: Benchmarking of ToF Systems


Slides will be available soon [restricted access]


Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing,
Universität Heidelberg
Speyerer Straße 6
D-69115 Heidelberg

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