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Julian Yarkony (UC Santa Barbara)

HCI Kolloquium 16.07.2013

Title: Planar Correlation Clustering and Higher Order Potentials

In this talk we consider the problem of correlation clustering for image segmentation. We introduce the PlanarCC (Yarkony et al 2012) solver for planar correlation clustering. Next we introduce long range repulsive potentials to dual decomposition using PlanarCC (Andres, Yarkony et al 2013 submission). Finally we consider a large series of higher order potentials and prove why dual decomposition tends not to produce tight bounds easily. We apply this knowledge to analyzing Diverse M Best for planar correlation clustering (Yarkony et al 2013 submission).

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  • Visit of Julian Yarkony for two weeks following July 15th. See also Forthcoming HCI Colloquia

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