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Open Source Software

Image Analysis

  • VIGRA Library - Vision with Generic Algorithms
  • ilastik - Interactive Learning and Segmentation Tool Kit
  • CGP - Geometry and Topology Extraction from Very Large 3D Segmentations

Machine Learning

  • OpenGM Library - OpenGM: A C++ Optimization Library for Higher Order Graphical Models

Computational Proteomics

  • SIMA - Simultaneous Multiple Alignment of LC/MS Peak Lists
  • curveFDP - Estimation of confidence levels for peptide identifications
  • pLSA - Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis of Imaging Mass Spectrometry Data in MATLAB
  • NITPICK - R-packages: Peak Identification for Mass Spectrometry Data
  • libmercury++ - ANSI-C++ library re-implementation of Rockwood's Mercury7 algorithm
  • amsrpm - R-package for TIC and LC/MS peak alignment
  • ms2preproc - Computational Preprocessing of MS/MS Spectra
  • PSS - Protein Profile Similarity Srceening MATLAB toolbox
  • HeXicon - Automatic Deuteration Distribution Estimation for HX-MS Experiments
  • BICEPS - Error-Tolerant Peptide Identification
  • AL-RF - Active Learning for Imaging Mass Spectrometry

General Purpose

  • JDBC Interface - A minimalistic JDBC interface class which can be used from MATLAB without the database toolbox.

Computational Diagnostics

  • CSITOOLS - A matlab GUI and interface for the analysis of magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI / CSI) data


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