Ruprecht-Karls-Universitšt Heidelberg

Machine Learning / Maschinelles Lernen

Applications of pattern recognition:
  • detection of faces in images
  • tracking in particle physics detectors
  • tumor diagnostics by imaging mass spectrometry
  • classification of cells for fluorescent microscopy


This course introduces machine learning methods for finding patterns in data. This rapidly developing field has applications in data mining, high energy physics, computer vision and robotics, image processing for industry and life sciences, speech recognition, machine translation and many other areas.

Lectures and exercises will be interwoven and will allow you to try your hand on real-life problems and cutting-edge data from some of the application areas named above.


Lectures: Monday, 14:00-18:00 in the HCI, Speyerer Str. 6, second floor. Lectures commence on Monday, Oct 14th, 2013.
Exercises: Details can be found here
This course accounts for 8 CP and is eligible as part of the new Physics Vertiefungsbereich "Computational Physics (MVX)".


Basic linear algebra and calculus

Past curriculum and recordings (from summer 2012)


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